Our Work At a Glance

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama

History has been our greatest teacher in showing us that for far too long, Black stories don’t matter and Black voices have been silenced, if not minimized.  However, we have the power to uplift both and that is exactly what we are committed to doing.

The Global Food and Drink Initiative stands on its mission of preserving Black food histories and cultures through storytelling, education and advocating in spaces where our voices deserve to be heard.

Storytelling - Reclaiming Our History

There is no denying that through food, we are able to connect with history, culture and understand who we are as people.

Our storytelling is about making sure powerful stories that have influenced why and how we cook today are unapologetically told via written words, engaging conversations, visual interpretations and other creative ways, thereby creating communal spaces for sharing and learning about our past, empowering our present and looking to our future.

Student african american man reading research textbook in university library sitting on floor.

Education - Empowering Through Knowledge

The contributions and innovations and from people of African descent date back to before our ancestors were enslaved, but if we leave it up to others to tell us where, how and when we can educate our communities about Black history, they may never know the depth and breadth.  

The absence of Black history in schools and other learning settings is also the absence of Black culinary history.  We’re closing that gap through resources, courses and of course storytelling.

Advocacy - Because Representation Matters

Representation matters when it comes to preserving Black food stories and amplifying the voices behind these narratives.

Creating spaces as well as being at tables to advocate for the inclusion of diverse voices that shape the world’s history and global cuisines is important in creating impact, change and ensuring Black food stories are heard and preserved.