Our Work At a Glance

Our work to preserve Black food stories is at the heart of what we do to acknowledge, celebrate and share the richness of Black food cultures that have shaped American and global cuisines in significant ways.
Storytelling, education and creating spaces for inclusion of our stories and experiences drive the work we do globally. 
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Storytelling - Community Connections

Food is such a strong connector within Black communities.

Our storytelling is about making sure powerful stories that have influenced why and how we cook today are unapologetically told via written words, engaging conversations, visual interpretations and other creative ways, thereby creating communal spaces for sharing and learning about our past, present and future.

Student african american man reading research textbook in university library sitting on floor.

Education - Creating Safe Spaces to Know and Celebrate Who We Are

The contributions and innovations and  from people of African descent date back to when our ancestors were enslaved, but if we leave it up to others to tell us where, how and when we can educate our communities, they may never know the depth and breadth.  

The absence of Black history in schools and other learning settings is also the absence of Black culinary history and we’re here to create safe spaces for students, adults and communities to learn and celebrate who we are.

Sign 381 - Inclusion

Inclusion - Creating Spaces in Food, Drink & Travel

Valuing diversity as well as fostering opportunities for inclusion in the food, drink and travel industries are very important to the work we do to ensure our stories and voices are heard and our experiences are respected.

This is the driving force behind curating content, events, programs and courses with individuals, organizations and corporations that also share our values and are working to open up seats or help us build a table that is inclusive and equitable.