About The Global Food and Drink Initiative

“A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin or culture is like a tree without roots.” – Marcus Garvey

The Global Food and Drink Initiative (GFDI) was founded in 2020 to expand the work of creating safe spaces to preserve stories that celebrate people of African descent in food, drink and travel globally.

The organization is committed to telling and preserving Black stories that have historically been unethically erased, excluded or minimized, especially when it comes to how Black people create, contribute and share food in our communities, countries and the world.

Our work is activated through Cuisine Noir, the world’s first Black culinary digital and print publication, and the Diaspora Food Stories podcast as well as collaborations, projects and community engagement. 

In addition, GFDI also uses its platforms and network to share experiences, expertise and resources to uplift and foster well-being and overall good for individuals, communities and the world.

Our Founder and Executive Director

V. Sheree Williams is the founder and executive director of GFDI who pioneered Black food media in 2009 with the introduction of Cuisine Noir. Her work to amplify and champion stories about people of African descent in food, drink and travel has been influential in changing narratives and centering Black food stories across media platforms, including social media.

Her vision and influence has amassed global readership as well opened doors to serve in various roles that allow her to use her voice and expertise to shape the future of food and food journalism. 

In her role, she leads a global team who is passionate about preserving Black stories, creates space for Black food culture to be celebrated and works to opens doors for authentic collaborations that foster inclusion of diverse voices and experiences. 

GFDI executive director V Sheree Williams