New Diaspora Food Stories Podcast Expands Black Food Stories Told Globally

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The Global Food and Drink Initiative is proud to announce the newest member of its media family, the Diaspora Food Stories podcast. Launched on July 1, the innovative podcast will be the first of its kind for several reasons.

The podcast is an extension of the pioneering magazine Cuisine Noir that will celebrate 13 years this September of amplifying Black voices and stories in food, drink and travel.  Listeners of Diaspora Food Stories can look forward to conversations with some of today’s exceptional champions, entrepreneurs, trendsetters and influencers.

“We’re excited to extend stories from Cuisine Noir as well as share new ones that have never been told before from around the globe. Listen to a story has a different impact than reading it and that is what we listeners feel when they tune in,” shares V. Sheree Williams, executive director and publisher.

Expanding Black Food Stories on Diaspora Food Stories


Williams will host Diaspora Food Stories episodes that will be released every other Wednesday and available on the podcast website as well as popular platforms such as Apple Podcast, Spotify and Amazon, where you listen to your favorite topics and personalities.

“Similar to how we were the first to amplify Black food stories when other magazines and newspapers were not with Cuisine Noir starting 13 years ago, we’ll be the first to do what other podcasts are not doing.  Before the end of the year, we’ll kick off our bi-lingual or non-English podcasts beginning in Spanish, French and Portuguese because, as people of African descent, our stories need to be told in as many languages across the African Diaspora as we can.  This will make us the first food podcast, perhaps the first podcast period to do something like this,” says Williams.

Diaspora Food Stories started with episode conversations with Melba Wilson of Melba’s Harlem in New York, chef and culinary instructor Kevin Mitchell, and an informative discussion about afro-futurism through food with Eat the Culture, a collective of Black and Brown bloggers and culinary influencers.

Future guests will include wine pioneer Iris Duplantier Rideau, award-winning journalist and Haitian culinary entrepreneur Lionel Moise and “Top Chef” contestant and Butterfunk founder chef Chris Scott.

“We’re so proud of the work we are doing here at The Global Food and Drink Initiative.  Our work is about telling untold stories authentically through a Black lens out loud and visibly preserving them for all, especially future generations to come because as Black people, our talents, commitment, creativity and accomplishments are simply beyond amazing.”

Listen to current episodes of Diaspora Food Stories online at or where you listen to our favorite podcasts. You can also watch full and partial episodes on GFDI’s YouTube channel.

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