Cuisine Noir Introduces New Cooking Content and Talks on Instagram

Photo credit: August de Richelieu

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For the last 14 years, Cuisine Noir has become a foodies and chefs’ destination for unparalleled storytelling, recipes, news and more.

The magazine, published by The Global Food Drink Initiative, will introduce two new sections of content beginning April 1.  Cooking and Culture will be the latest features to be covered by the magazine as it looks to expand its niche as the #1 global resource for Black food culture and stories that connect the African diaspora.

“These two new sections of Cuisine Noir have been a long time in the making as we look to share with readers who is cooking what and how, but now help to guide those new to the kitchen and those wanting to advance their skills how to go to the level,” says Sheree Williams, publisher and executive director.

Cooking Together


Now more than ever, people are getting in the kitchen and having fun. Even people who have sworn off the activity are giving it a chance, especially with the idea of traveling the world through spices and dishes.

Cuisine Noir’s new Cooking section will provide weekly tips, how-to’s, best practices and more to enhance and bring out home cook’s inner chef.

Now, for those who have been doing this for a long time, the magazine will become a great place to share what they know as expert contributors.

“One thing we know is that Black people have been cooking delicious food for a long time and recipes and techniques get passed down from generation to generation and now hopefully to an extended family, our readers,” says Williams.

Cuisine Noir’s second new section, Culture, will launch on May 1 and really highlight what makes Black food culture globally so electric, influential and a point of solidarity.

“It is funny that no matter if you were raised in the South, Midwest, East Coast or even in a country in Africa, there are things about how we, as Black people, cook and eat certain foods.  I find it amazing and hilarious at the same time.”

Topics to be explored in this section will include who gets to make the potato salad or macaroni and cheese for family gatherings, the concept of Sunday dinners after church and why an invitation to the cookout is a sought-after ticket.

New Conversations Emerge on Instagram


Beginning Friday, April 5, Sheree will welcome guests worldwide for a fun 15-minute conversation during her Tiny IG Talks with Sheree that will be live on Instagram.

“As Cuisine Noir looks to celebrate 15 years this September, I wanted to see how we can continue to amplify voices in food, drink and travel and our team came up with this concept. It doesn’t take long for someone to learn something new; that is the goal.  To have an impact that can happen within minutes.”

For the first talk, Sheree will welcome Liseth Martinez from Colombia featured in our 2022 print issue with Tabitha Brown and podcast Diaspora Food stories. She is the CEO of Viche Canao and is planning a trip to the U.S. this month to connect with audiences here in the States to share the story and drink.

To join, follow Cuisine Noir on Instagram and tune in at 1 pm PST. Remember, it is only 15 minutes so be sure to have your notification on for when we go live!

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