Cuisine Noir

Chef Taureret Thomas of Khepera's Kitchen
Baker Charles Farrier, owner of Crumble & Wisk
Man holding bottle on the island of Marie Galente in Guadeloupe
Restaurateur Kimberly Prince

We always knew that we wanted to tell Black food stories because our stories matter. Since 2009, Cuisine Noir has championed letting the world know about people, places and things that people of African descent have created or significantly influenced —in this case, cuisines that have shaped how the world eats.

As a Black food media pioneer, Cuisine Noir set out to discover, retell and share stories that mainstream media didn’t feel mattered, especially to their core readership.  In addition, we set out to change the negative narrative that diminished the contributions, impact and accomplishments of people of African descent following their food dreams, only to change the industry and world in the process.

At the heart of each story we tell is a human experience that so many can relate to, whether you are Black or not, even through the cultural lens in which they are told. Black food stories are powerful, full of lessons, puzzle pieces of pain and joy and a part of American and world history!

Enjoy new stories from around the globe each week at and can be read in Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese and Dutch in addition to English. Purchase our annual print issue each September which features stories you won’t find online and or covered by other publication.

As states and schools ban the teaching of Black history, they are also banning the teaching of Black food history.  Therefore not only is Cuisine Noir a revolutionary act of storytelling that ensures we own, tell and amplify our own stories—no permission needed.

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