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Annual Print Issue Themed Empowerment Features Tabitha Brown and Amplifies Global Businesses

CN Annual 2022_Cover with Tabitha Brown

The return of Cuisine Noir’s annual print issue delivers more than just your average food and drink stories.  Themed Empowerment Through Food, Drink and Travel, the hard copy of its digital sibling spotlights businesses and entrepreneurs from around the globe living through purpose and passion.  Actress, entrepreneur and vegan influencer Tabitha Brown shared her story as the issue’s cover star which chronicles her rise to success in the food world.


“I couldn’t be more excited about this year’s issue.  Each year, the goal is to grow and create a magazine that continues to show why it is so important that we find and share these stories from across the African Diaspora.  These stories go beyond someone starting a business, opening a restaurant or creating a food or drink product.  They are about how we are rooted in our journeys as Black people no matter where we are around the world and how our history is expressed through whatever we are doing,” says executive director and publisher Sheree Williams.


The search for the perfect stories begins early in the year and there is one person in particular who is not only a big supporter of Cuisine Noir but also has been dubbed the unofficial “global story scouter” for her ability to travel and find individuals and businesses that have an amazing journey that only Cuisine Noir can tell. “When I travel, I intentionally seek out to support people and communities, especially Black women who are positively impacting their communities and society as a whole through some form of social entrepreneurship. So, when I’m in another country, I look for social events, festivals, markets, etc., to learn and to connect,” says Virginia resident Tammy Freeman.  She continues, “It’s funny because sometimes, I don’t even speak the language. For example, when I met Lisbeth of Viche Canao in Medellin, Colombia, at an event for Afro-Colombian entrepreneurs. I didn’t know what anyone was saying. Everything was in Spanish, which I don’t speak. But the energy was there, the vibe was there [and I] felt such a sense of community.”


Freeman was also instrumental in introducing the magazine to Vava Coffee founded by Kenyan entrepreneur Vava Angwenyi.  Angwenyi just opened the first coffee shop and training center on the island of Lamu in Kenya and Freeman was there to witness the planning in action.  “I’m passionate about social entrepreneurship, I care deeply about justice and equity I am a global citizen for social good– so I’m always finding new and different ways to share amazing people doing amazing work and Cuisine Noir is a great publication to help share these stories.”


Contributors of Cuisine Noir are also instrumental to finding stories that should be amplified in Cuisine Noir.  From Michael and Kwini Reed in Los Angeles, Chef Kurt in Philadelphia, Dominique Charles in DC and Jackie Summers in New York, all of these powerful stories share passion, family and culture.


Williams says, “It takes about 2 – 3 months to truly bring it all together and when we are able to see the final product all of the long hours, multiple phones, writing and editing make it all work it.  I can’t imagine doing this without such an amazing and talented team.”


The current issue is available for purchase and in-home delivery for $5.99 + shipping.  It is also available for download via ISSUU for $5.99 as well.  GFDI has partnered with various locations around the country for in-store distribution.  To purchase or see partner locations, visit




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